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Life Beyond Routine - Dream Fulfillment Project 

The "Dream Team" formed by alumni from Li Ka Shing College, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, establishes relationships with the elderly through activities such as the "Elderly Life Story Book," "Alternative Funeral Photos," and "Wish Express." They approach the elderly with empathy and companionship, gaining a deep understanding of their daily lives. Through these activities, they promote intergenerational integration: on one hand, the elderly receive fresh insights from the youth, and on the other hand, students gain a deeper understanding of the life stories and talents of the older generation.

  • Promoting an active aging community, expanding social networks, and sharing resources

  • Collaborating across societal levels to increase social connections

  • Using dreams to promote intergenerational integration and achieve a sense of hope

  • Establishing a "model" to support the elderly in fulfilling their dreams"

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