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The Hong Kong Jockey Club "Youth Creativity Dream Project" 2021

The Hong Kong Jockey Club " Youth Creativity Dream Project " 2021, organized by the La Violet Charity Foundation and generously supported by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, aims to encourage young people aged 13 to 35 who aspire to participate in the creative industries. Through collaboration with peers, they come together to create dreams. After a rigorous selection process and interviews, 10 dream teams are selected, each provided with a starting grant of HKD 20,000, six months of mentorship and professional guidance, and promotional support. This program allows dream pursuers to turn their dreams into reality alongside their fellow partners.


Young people aged 13 to 35 who aspire to participate in various creative industries. (Creative industries include advertising, arts, comics, design, film, photography, game software, music, performing arts, publishing, software, and information technology services, etc.)



Individuals or teams (with a minimum of 2 members)

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Upon submitting the application form, participants' dream projects will undergo initial screening by the organizing committee. Those shortlisted will have the opportunity to meet with judges in mid-May. Please prepare relevant materials about your dream project and introduce it during the interview. Winning teams selected in mid-June will attend a mentor meet-up and form 10 dream teams. Over the following six months, they will participate in various activities, receive professional guidance, gain access to job opportunities in the creative industry, receive media coverage, and have opportunities for school-based dream sharing. A graduation party will be held in October, and all shortlisted participants must attend it, along with training workshops, company visits, and other activities. Details of these events will be announced during the mentor meet-up after selection.


Shortlisted participants can also enjoy hardware support, such as equipment loans (e.g., filming equipment, props) and venue usage (e.g., hosting workshops, lectures).



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