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  "Life Beyond Routine"                 Dream Plan 2023

The "Life Beyond Routine" Dream Project 2023 is organized by the La Violet Charity Foundation. Its aim is to encourage people in Hong Kong to pursue their dreams, live meaningful lives in positions that suit them best, and contribute to the society while embodying the spirit of "Life Beyond Routine". After interviews, the judges will select ten finalists, and the organizing team will provide the necessary soft and hard support, including a six-month mentorship program, filming equipment, venues, media coverage, and event promotion, to encourage and support participants in fulfilling their dreams.​

Judging Criteria

The form and concept are unrestricted, but the overarching direction should align with one of the following principles:

  1. Self-breakthrough

  2. Contribution to the society

  3. Innovation and creativity


Program Details

"No age limit, no type limit, no scale limit"


Individuals or groups (teams with a minimum of 2 members)

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After submitting the application form, participants' dream projects will undergo initial screening by the organizing committee. Those shortlisted will meet with the judges in September, so be prepared to provide relevant information about your dream project. The 10 winning teams selected will receive notification in November and will benefit from a six-month follow-up and related assistance, including media coverage and event promotion opportunities.


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