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Microfilm Project

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Project Brief

Funded by the Ping On Fund. Its primary goal is to educate teenagers about the dangers of online gambling and its potential long-term impact. The program aims to encourage teenagers to take a serious look at their attitudes towards gambling while helping them discover their own positive interests. Additionally, it aims to instill a sense of responsibility and promote a positive approach to life through positive education.

In addition to spreading awareness about the dangers of online gambling through multimedia formats, the program also involves experiential activities and design thinking workshops. These activities encourage participants to put themselves in the shoes of those affected by online gambling, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of the current situation. The program also offers filmmaking skills workshops to participants, enhancing their personal skills and unleashing their potential. After the competition, participants can continue creating their own works to extend the program's impact and convey various positive messages.


In summary, this program seeks to steer teenagers away from online gambling through education and creative means, motivating them to pursue meaningful lives and develop positive values and lifestyles..

Award Winners

Gold Award:《Lost and Found》

Silver Award:《我忍唔賭》

Bronze Award:《窮途》

Best Screenplay:《我忍唔賭》

Best Director: 洪曉𣺿(《我忍唔賭》)

Best Editor:何啓泰(《Lost and Found》)

Best Cinematography:何啓泰 李岳璋(《Lost and Found》)

Best Actor:洪曉𣺿(《我忍唔賭》)


Award-winning work

金獎作品《Lost and Found》

The Gold Award-winning work, "Lost and Found," tells the story of three teenagers who have lost their way due to reasons related to love, academics, and choices. They cling to false hopes and risk everything, losing both money and friendship in the process. Instead of persisting on this path, why not take a step back, and then another, and together with friends, rediscover themselves in their moments of confusion?

The Silver Award-winning work, "我忍唔賭" (I Can't Resist Gambling), revolves around three characters: Jeff, Kristine, and Paris. They aim to create a microfilm about online gambling to raise awareness of its harm. However, due to Jeff's delay in submitting the script and a shortage of actors, they come up with a plan to recruit actors. During the auditions, a girl named Angel reveals that she was once addicted to online gambling as well... 


The Bronze Award-winning work, "窮途" (Desperation), follows the story of Jianhua, who becomes a full-time gambler after being influenced by his friend Junhao, who boasted about his gambling success at a gathering. At first, Jianhua starts gambling for fun, but as he continues, he loses more and more money. He resorts to lying and borrowing money from his friends, girlfriend, and even his mother. When they discover the truth, they become furious and cut ties with him. Left with nothing, Jianhua pins his hopes on a match he believes he can't lose, deciding to bet his entire 100,000-dollar student loan on it...

Highlights of the award ceremony

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