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Government-recognized charitable organization (Inland Revenue File Number: 91/14071)

To support us, you can make donations through monthly contributions or one-time donations. Your contributions will help inspire more people in Hong Kong to pursue their dreams, enhance their sense of happiness through their dream journeys, and bring positive impact to society.​

Donation Account

HSBC : 817-866601-001

Account Name: La Violet Charity Foundation Limited


For donations of HKD 100 or more, you can apply for tax deduction for approved charitable donations in the assessment year's tax return. If you wish to receive an official receipt, please send your full name, contact number and donation proof to the following email address:


Business and Corporate Sponsorship

We welcomes enthusiastic companies and organizations to sponsor and support our various activities. For more details, please contact our Marketing Director at 3111 2033 or email to

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